Hood – Trippin on the underbrush è uno spazio senza confini, un luogo di condivisione digitale per conoscere più a fondo l’essere umano e sentirne il calore, un sentiero nel sottobosco musicale lungo cui scoprire nuovi paesaggi senza sentire la fatica. È nuovo punto d’incontro e confronto, un luogo di scoperta, un rifugio, al tempo stesso partenza e traguardo. Porta chi vuoi.
Dario organizes concerts, festivals and tours. But he plays around Europe with his band called Aquarama. His major musical influences are the 60s, soul and funk, bossa-nova, tropicalia and the spaghetti soundtracks.

HOOD #01: tripping w/ Dario Aquarama
In the second episode of HOOD we meet Radio Trapani, who describes his journey as follows: "I went for a set of very diverse songs that really influenced me lately. All the genres are in there, the struggle was maybe fitting Sardinian throat singing with hyper pop together, but eventually I like how this blendsounds. Some more obscure stuff, some more well known, enjoy.
HOOD #02: tripping w/ Radio Trapani
Neon, dark corners in the club, demons from the shadows. Mantis & xx.buio lead us inside their new EP MANTISTECH VOL. 2 mixed with some of the songs that inspired it.

The wall of sound comes on while darkness advances in subtle vibrations: this is the sound of Club Esoterica.

HOOD #03: tripping w/ Mantis & xx.buio
Imagine a super groove party with big smiles, selected and themed dress-code: Ricky Cardelli brings the Funk Rimini sound to a new generation of clubbers.

HOOD #04: tripping w/ Ricky Cardelli
If u don’t understand the language, you can feel the funk: discover Subconscio's beats, hip hop, nu-soul.

HOOD #05: tripping w/ Subconscio
Gima, a lifelong music producer and dj, and Giama, a creative visual artist and dj, belong to the DIRTY SÖCKS family, a vibrant collective of musicians, artists, designers and much more. This eclectic duo will be taking over the decks and delivering an electronic and underground set. Keep an eye on DIRTY SÖCKS.

HOOD #06: tripping w/ DIRTY SÖCKS
KAPUT performed a music selection called "CRUX": he played some of his best inspirational songs that led to his songwriting and his main singles. The best of them explained as roots of his music-path focusing on the sounds, the sampling and the subjects of his lyrics. It won’t miss RnB, indie and pop vibes since the early 90’s.

HOOD #07: tripping w/ KAPUT
A guided meditation by Damon Arabsolgar from Mombao between seemingly distant worlds and times.
Have a good trip.

HOOD #08: tripping w/ Damon Arabsolgar
I went on a trip, I changed city, habits and work.
MILANO QUANTO MI COSTI?! contains the new references of idontexist and much more: a selecta that accompanied him in his recent move to Milan.

HOOD #09: tripping w/ idontexist
A selection from EUFORIA’s latest playlists built during the boring days in the Italian countryside. A mix of tunes that moves and represents them.

HOOD #10: tripping w/ EUFORIA
Music to let your body dance, music to let your soul dance, as someone said "traveling without moving", sometimes it could also be "dancing without moving". Most of these songs inspired Cucina Sonora in writing his own tracks: "Some of them accompanied me, some of them are still beside me, when I want to let my brain and my soul dance, while I'm driving, while I'm going around, while I take a rest.
I hope this groovy hour will let you feel better”.
HOOD #11: tripping w/ Cucina Sonora
The club is not the only place where your feet move to the rhythm of music. Lie is a huge dancefloor.
A selecta by Eakos for clubbers who desire the aggregation, the release of endorphins among peace of mind.

HOOD #12: tripping w/ Eakos
A personal journey to find the truth: this selecta by Nomida & Marlow traces the songs that inspired the new EP "Nuova Voce" along its path.

HOOD #13: tripping w/ Marlow & Nomida
Di nascosto: an hour of unreleased original music and remixes. A journey through Cuperose's archives and his take on electronic music.

HOOD #14: tripping w/ Cuperose
A journey through Acate's archives for an hour of tasty house music.

HOOD #15: tripping w/ Acate
Grosso Bernardo explores audio and textual materials on chance, ethics, nostalgia, DIY, indecisiveness. The 60’ mix includes music and words by friends, notes and demos, commissioned works and fragments from archived sources.

HOOD #16: tripping w/ Grosso Bernardo
A journey into the collective mind of CSM020 specifically PEDR0 and V3INOFF.
An hour of genres that fly across different countries, serving as reference points and inspiring our artistic vision.
A collection of tracks that blend with the signature CSM020 sound. From R&B to Italian indie, weaving between rap and pop, we hope to help you relax after the ferragosto holiday.

HOOD #17: tripping w/ CSM020
This selection will take you by the hand through cultural journeys: ETT selected for you extracts of some of her guide songs in different moments of life, hoping you’ll make good use of it.
HOOD #18: tripping w/ ETT
Here’s a collection of songs that @luzaiiii loves, starting with Daniela Lalita and ending with Mount Kimbie and James Blake.

HOOD #19: tripping w/ Lüzai

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